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Unify your calendars, centralize your work, plan your days and focus on what matters now!

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Centralize all your tasks

Unify your calendars, centralize your work, plan your days and focus on what matters now!

Ctrl + Space keys

Capture everything, from anywhere

Quickly collect your thoughts using the Routine app's powerful natural-language-based console.
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Import tasks from your favorite tools

Get an overview of all your work in one place by connecting the services you use daily: email, chat, project management, etc.
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Universal Inbox

Save all your ideas as notes

On the Routine app, save information that is not actionable as notes. Organize those notes hierarchically through pages or enrich existing tasks, events, and contacts with a descriptive note.
Embed media (photos, videos, etc.) in your notes and even regular/recurrent tasks, which you can plan just like any other task in Routine.
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Plan your work

Define your ideal schedule via rituals (meetings, focus, etc.). Then, let Routine protect your agenda against intrusions and optimize your time through smart scheduling.

Slots for recurrent activities

Set your time preferences for recurrent activities such as team meetings, deep work, external meetings, administrative work & more, just like a good daily scheduling app should.
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Block time for your tasks

Block time for your most important items, schedule some tasks for a specific day, and postpone the less important ones to a later week.
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Time Blocking

Craft your perfect day

Go through your day's schedule, ignore the events you will not attend, pick a small number of tasks to work on, and block time for the most important ones.
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Focus on what matters

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Meeting Notes

More Features

Notification Example


Get notified whenever a meeting is about to start and quickly join through a single keyboard shortcut.
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Event Notifications

Share availability

Easily schedule meetings by sending a link to a booking page or make it more personal by sharing a list of openings in your schedule.
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Share links from mobile screenshot

Save links & messages from mobile

Share any chat message, article, web page, and more on Routine. Even better, all these media will automatically be saved in your inbox.
Share note via export screenshot

Share notes

Explore your data through powerful queries to find any of your notes, tasks, events, contacts, pages, and more.
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Ctrl + Space keys


Access your tasks of the day, upcoming events, and console anywhere on your desktop computer through Routine's hotkey: CTRL+SPACE.
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Add & remove timezones in the blink of an eye to easily schedule meetings with people living anywhere in the world.
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Use the full extent of Routine’s capabilities even when no Internet connection is available.
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Keyboard shortcuts example

Keyboard shortcuts

Perform all operations quickly using powerful keyboard shortcuts and stop wasting precious time.
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Multi accounts

Connect all your personal and work accounts to get an overview and manage your time.
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Multi Accounts
Meetings history screenshot

Meetings history

Unlike other daily schedule apps, Routine gives you access to all your past meetings and helps find tasks that have fallen through the cracks..
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Meeting Notes


Explore your data through powerful queries to find any of your notes, tasks, events, contacts, pages, and more.
Reference example

References and tags

Create references between your various objects and add tags to contextualize information, thereby creating a personal knowledge base.
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References & Tags
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Multi platforms

The Routine app is available on desktop for Mac & Windows devices and the iPhone. Android is coming soon!


Get reminded of important things to do or remember at a specific time in your day.

Data Privacy

In addition to being verified by Google, all communication is encrypted in order to ensure the safety of your data.
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